Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's Cookin'?

This is what's on our stovetop right now...

Mark's at home today, so of course he's cooking something! :) Do you want to know what it is?

{insert suspense}

Man, does it smell great in here!


These pots have been on the stove for a few hours already, and in a few more hours he'll strain everything out and then be able to freeze quite a few containers to have for future use.

How am I so blessed to have a husband that always wants to cook!? I've kind of gotten spoiled when it comes to not cooking too much. I always joke that I don't eat when he's at work. But hey, I eat great when he's home!

Oh, and did I mention what he's making for supper tonight?

Only my favorite chicken enchiladas with homemade roasted tomatillo-chile verde! We'll see if my legs can carry my belly up to bed tonight... ;)


Lenae said...

What a sweet hubby you have! Those enchiladas sound yummy!

~love said...

holy cow! we wanna come over! =)