Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't Blink

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that you decided to make an early appearance. (Four weeks early!) Mommy and Daddy weren't ready for you in the sense of having all of your clothes and gear ready, but oh, we were ready for you! So ready that it was hard leaving you for six days without bringing you home with us. Then, we had never been so excited, happy, or scared walking through the door at home with you our tiny, barely 5-pound peanut.

In a blink, six months went by. I remember holding you before bedtime one night after your six-month birthday. I remember so vividly where we were sitting, what I was thinking, and that it was just the two of us. (Daddy was at work...) I wanted to remember forever what was racing through my head at that moment. I wanted you to know too. In the dim light of the TV glow, I wrote you a letter as I cried while you slept next to me. It's nothing fancy, just scribbled on a piece of computer paper, folded, and kept in a box. When you're older I'll give it to you, but for now on your milestone 5th birthday, I'll share just a bit...

January 26, 2005

...I cry because I love you so much it hurts, because I wonder where the past 6 months have gone and how you've grown so big without more than a moment it seems passing, and because I can't imagine life without you now....

...I have to wonder if you'll ever know, though, how much I really love being you mommy and how much joy you've brought to me in six short months. I can't believe this is my life- you're my life...

...I thank God for you as I kiss you goodnight again.

I love you, Isabella Grace, always. Mommy

Wow, six months seemed to pass so quickly then. Now, 5 Years have gone by in the same amount of time, "without more than a moment it seems passing". It's a bit of a flashback now, sitting and writing my thoughts to you with tears streaming down my face. Only this time, the words are on a computer screen, not computer paper...

We're happy and excited that you're growing older into a wonderful little girl and amazed at all you do now. We think you'll understand, though, how bittersweet it is when you have a daughter or son of your own and wonder how 5 years went by in the blink of an eye.

Happy 5th Birthday!

We love you, Isabella Grace, always.

Daddy & Mommy


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vigilance Saves Lives

Yesterday Darcie over at "Such the Spot" posted an emotional recount of an incident that happened to her family last week. Please click on the button above to remind yourself that you can never be too careful...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes...

Sitting on Mark's lap in church on Sunday was chatty little Lincoln... He was giving us sugar, since he's such a little lover lately always telling us that "Me love you in the whole wide world" while kissing and hugging away. He then asked us, "Why did you make me?" In reply we gave the first answer that came to mind about wanting a special little boy to love. He asked a couple more times and after another couple of the same answers, he was finally happy. This again, mind you was all being "whispered" through church as quietly as a just-newly-three-year-old can do. Hugging and kissing continues for a few minutes.

"Where did you make me?"

Huh!? Did he just say what I think he did in church? Ohyeshedid.

"Where did you make me? Where did you make me?!"

Mark and I were shaking the whole pew from laughing so hard. Thankfully we were in our usual last pew location, as it's just a given that all families with small children sit in the back trying to contain the dull roar of the many small children. (Other than the one family that sits half way up that we think drugs their children to sit completely still in their parents' laps with their hands folded, but that's neither here nor there now...) But since the sanctuary is so small, we wonder who else, if anyone heard it. If so, they got a chuckle just like we did! :)

Fast forward to today. Bella this morning had her own notable quote to file to memory. While cleaning the kitchen, I had Mark scraping the top of the glass cook top trying to loosen the many petrified, blackened overflows from the day before.

"Who's coming to our house?" Bella said as she walked into the kitchen.


Mark burst out laughing, as he knows one of the things that pushes my buttons is acusing me of cleaning only when company is coming. (Which is so. not. true. by they way...) I kept scrubbing the pans at the sink, pretending not to hear her.

"Did you hear her?!" Mark roared.

"Yes, Mark." Whatever.

I love the things our kids say that are so funny, innocent, and classic. Even if it's a bit too forward or truthful sometimes... ;)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's Cookin'?

This is what's on our stovetop right now...

Mark's at home today, so of course he's cooking something! :) Do you want to know what it is?

{insert suspense}

Man, does it smell great in here!


These pots have been on the stove for a few hours already, and in a few more hours he'll strain everything out and then be able to freeze quite a few containers to have for future use.

How am I so blessed to have a husband that always wants to cook!? I've kind of gotten spoiled when it comes to not cooking too much. I always joke that I don't eat when he's at work. But hey, I eat great when he's home!

Oh, and did I mention what he's making for supper tonight?

Only my favorite chicken enchiladas with homemade roasted tomatillo-chile verde! We'll see if my legs can carry my belly up to bed tonight... ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One More Month...

As of yesterday, another month has fallen off of the calendar in your first year as part of our family.

{11 Months Old Now!}

Seems like just yesterday that you came home. You certainly weren't climbing yet...

...or proudly sipping out of your very own straw cup...

...and certainly not a little unsure and guilty about being somewhere you weren't supposed to be! {How can you not love that face!?}

Only one more month, LiTtLe MonKeY.
Only one. more. month...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Well, seems as though to-doing too many errands this morning and afternoon left me short of time to post my to-do list for this week until now! No biggie since half of my stuff is just carried over from last week anyways. {Lovely.} There were just too many other things occupying my time to get to cleaning the refrigerator and freezer. Darn. {Why is it that that is one of the jobs always put off?} Anyways, I did get a few things done on the list last week. And yes, the shower thankfully was one of them... ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harleys & Tutus

Lincoln was happily playing with his new Harleys from Gee and Paw Paw before nap the other day. He's such a boy, always has been. But my little man also had some bling on his finger...

A dainty yellow butterfly ring to go with his princess gown and tutu.

Oh, Lincoln, you're already the strong and sensitive type. The perfect balance between all things boy with a dash of glammer to keep things interesting...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun, Family, Fireworks

Over the 4th of July weekend we were excited to host a little get-together with family at our house! Mark had suggested that we invite family to make the three hour trip for a weekend of tent camping, yummy food & drinks, and fireworks.

On Friday both Mark's special margaritas and the sparklers lit us up! (Just kidding, only the sparklers... ;) The awesome fireworks watched from our deck and s'mores before bed was a perfect way to end the night. Most everybody camped out in the tents, but Idecided that I'd stay inside with Brigham. Not so sure that everybody wanted to be woken up every few hours!

Saturday was spent enjoying more good food and drinks and catching up. The kids all played so well together, and Lincoln was even allowed to tag along with the three girl cousins most of the time. We also celebrated Ella's 8th birthday with a party complete with cake, presents, and a pinata!

Then as quickly as everybody arrived, it seemed like Sunday came way. too. fast... Before we knew it, the weekend was over and it was time for everybody to head back home. We did take a nice hike and have lunch at the market before heading our separate ways, though.

Overall, we were blessed with a wonderful weekend to reconnect and spend time together without rushing. We had so much fun, both the kids and grown-ups!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Well, here's my first
weekly "To-Do Tuesday"
list. This is off the top of
my head for the week,
not just today. My
expectations aren't that high,
but then again showering
is a big deal, hence the top spot.
I wish that I could skip
#5, 6, & 7, but better not.
Wishing you a productive
week! As for me,
I'm off to savor that shower
while the baby sleeps... ;)
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Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Blow...

I read this post by Stephanie over at her awesome blog Adventures in Babywearing and it moved me. It made me realize all. over. again. that I have my own Boom, Boom, Pow. Oh, how my heart aches just thinking about this all...

My first baby Isabella turns FIVE in a few weeks and will be leaving for kindergarten this fall.
My second baby Lincoln starts preschool this fall.
My baby, baby Brigham turns ONE in just over a month.
All within less than two months.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's a Boy Thing


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

So, what do you think? Do you like my new idea!? I've been lovin' my new uber-cute magnetic to-do pad from Target's $1 section, and in turn it gave me this fab idea today! (No, I haven't been to Target twice {or was it three times...} already this week for all of those who know what a Tar-jay junkie I am. Sheesh.) Anywho, I wonder if this will end up being just a fun "easy out" blog post for the week or something that actually makes me more productive. (Oh, wait. Did I just say "blog" and "productive" in the same sentence? Nevermind then...) Anywho again, either way it will be something weekly that's different than anything I've done before. And fun too, I hope! And yes, I know that I'm posting this on Wednesday a day late, but I can't help that I didn't come up with this brilliant idea yesterday. (Or was I six days early!? Wow, I'm getting sidetracked a lot tonight...) So, see you on Tuesday! :)

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Is This Where I Draw the Line?

Okay, remember how my last post about Bella was in a way a reminder to let her be a kid, get dirty, and have fun? Well, now I'm wondering to what extent. She was happily playing outside in the backyard just now, and of course I check on the big kids when they're out every couple of minutes. Last I checked she was on the swing. Great! Phone rings, I'm chatting, and a few minutes later Bella comes in with wet hair. No wet clothes or body parts, just complete wet and dripping hair. {Hmm, okay...} She's so proud of messing herself up like always, so I kind of let it slide until I got off the phone.

"Bella, why is your hair wet?"

"I don't know."

{Upon closer inspection I now see a "halo" of dirt around her forehead hairline....Lightbulb moment.}

"Bella, did. you. stick. your. whole.head. in. the. bird. bath!?"

"Mmm, hmm."
Ugh, {lovely}. Granted, we just put the bird bath in the back yard a few days ago and haven't seen a bird use it yet, but I really wanted to scare her from doing it again. I mean, gross, right!?

{in my best serious, preachy voice with eyebrows raised...} "You know, Bella, that if there are birds in their bath they'll poop in there. Remember when Lincoln was a baby and pooped in the bath with you once? Mmmm Hmm. Get it?"

"Oh, okay."

Do you think she got the message? I doubt it too... ;)