Sunday, February 28, 2010

We've Arrived

I can't sleep, and for good reason. It's our fourth night in our new home, and I'm listening to our first Texas rain through the still quiet of our sleepy neighborhood. It's beautiful and so peaceful. It is only 9:45, but this is "late" for me to be awake lately. We've all been in bed so early, as there's really no reason to stay awake in an empty house. There's no television, no internet (until today), and not even a book to curl up with on a chair. We've set up camp in our master bedroom, with an air mattress flanked by two sleeping bags and a pack 'n play. It's cozy, and quickly became my favorite room of the house. {Not just because it has a master bath attached, warm carpet underfoot, and could easily fit three of our last bedrooms inside of it...}

Tomorrow our belongings get delivered. I'm a little excited and anxious both. Life has been so simple the last few days without all of the "stuff" surrounding us. I know there will be a trillion things that I don't want in our new home that didn't make the purge in Ohio. Time just ran out... It will be nice having furniture to sit on and eat on, instead of the staircase and its large landing as our resting place and dinner table. The kids could use some of their old toys back instead of the few that made the trip with us. I look forward to fluffing the kids' bedrooms with them, but will sorely miss all five of us in the same "family bed" at night.

Sickness (the good ol' fashioned flu) found its way into our home the last few days, so we've been knocked down a bit. {Again, I'm so thankful for the cozy, large bedroom where many of us at a time could rest and mend...} I'm praying that it's struck the last of us, but prepared for the worst for delivery day. Thank goodness Mommy went down last night overnight, and not during the day. Praise the Lord for a husband that completely took over not only the one million little things on his plate, but also the kids all night and morning, even when he wasn't 100%. I can't even remember the last time I was in bed still at 9:30 A.M. I admit, I liked it just a little bit even if it was to gain a few extra hours of strength after a night of my body being taken over by unpleasantries. Poor Lincoln got it the worst. His little body was surrendered to 10-minute-on-the-button bathroom runs for almost twelve hours. Bless his heart, he's feeling better finally.

I'm so thankful for all of the prayers and positive thoughts for our last home to sell, but keep them coming... After seven showings the week Mark was out of town one week before leaving, we've had just one cancelled showing the last two weeks. I was reminded that busy week that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle...

Though it seems that the road's been bumpy these last couple of weeks, it really doesn't feel that way to us. Things haven't gone completely as planned, but then again, I've heard the saying that "we make plans, and then God laughs". We love our new home already and look forward to all of the bumps this phase has to offer. I've been getting a lot of wishes for pictures, but until our camera is unpacked (whoops) or the i-phone cooperates with the computer, I can only leave you with this picture of our little side courtyard. I'll try to keep in touch more that we're "settled" now. I miss you all, family and friends.

Love, Kate