Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...and Now She's {Six}...

Tucking Bella into bed on Sunday night, she glanced at her Hello Kitty clock like she does every night and announced the time, "It's 8:56..."

I usually say that it's way too late to be awake still, but that night it took my breath away... Six years ago, I was holding my first child, a sweet and tiny 5 1/2 lb. baby girl only five minutes old.

"Yes, you were five minutes old six years ago! You had just been born at 9:51 at night in Ohio."

"I waaas?!"

"Yep! You surprised Mommy and Daddy by coming early! We weren't expecting you yet!"

"How long did I have to stay at the hospital after I was born?"

"Six days... Not too bad, huh!? Then we brought you home..."

We brought her home, not expecting her to be Daddy's only little girl in a house full of boys...

We brought her home, not knowing she'd have a bubbly (and loud at times!) personality that shines and shines...

We brought her home, not knowing that {six} years could possibly go by so fast.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

More than a Lemonade Stand...

We had a lemonade stand in our front yard on Sunday...

It's something that the "big" kids have been bugging me to do for a long time. Like going on two months long... Isabella would ask weekly, "Wheeen are we gonna have our lemonade and sucker stand!?"

"Soon, Honey... Let's wait until summer
so it's nice and hot."
"Soon, Honey... Let's wait until the
weekend so we have more customers."
"Soon, Honey... It's raining today."
"Soon, Honey... Let's wait until Daddy is
home and can see you and help."
"Soon. Soon. Soon."

Can you tell yet that it was one of "those" things that I put off not due 100% to the reasons given, but for my own selfish ones? ...it will be work to put it together, and it will put me out of my comfort zone, and what if I have to meet a lot of new neighbors, and what if nobody comes and my heart is broken for my children's hearts, and, and, and...

Sunday was the "perfect" day... It was summer and hot. It was the weekend. It was beautiful and sunny. Daddy was home.

We made signs during Brigg's naptime, prepared our lemonade, and gathered our supplies. We set up in a whirlwind while keeping kids corraled off the street. The babes were blissful.

I was worried that nobody would come, since it was close to supper time. Did they come? Boy, did they ever!! A flurry at the beginning, a few in the middle, and selling out during a flurry at the end, forcing us to cease operation until another time. Another perfect day...

As I sat there on my blanket next to our stand watching my oldest scurry up to the table-sit-smile-wave as each car turned the corner, I learned so much. This was more than just a burdensome lemonade stand to me, and so, so much more than a lemonade stand to them. When I look at these pictures of our three babies sitting in a row behind their stand, my heart swells and aches. It truly was the perfect lesson, the perfect day...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Homeschool Roundtable

Well, our homeschooling journey will begin in another month or two, and I'm getting both very excited and anxious! We're feeling confident and peaceful that this is what's right for us and our family now, so all that's left to do is take a deep breath, jump in, and do a lot of praying! :)

I know that I have some veteran homeschooling mamas as readers, and I've come to you and scoured your blogs for ideas and inspiration, but now I was hoping for you to come and give some encouragement and your best, most useful ideas and resources.

We'll be using My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum for Isabella. Lincoln will be able to sit-in on a lot of the kindergarten activities that are non-reading/math as well as doing his own preschool reviewing and activities. {Brigham will be getting into a lot, and the baby will be nursing and sleeping a lot also...} ;) I've put together a few questions or points that I've been thinking about.... Any thoughts on any of them?

1) What books do you suggest that I read before starting this journey into homeschooling, whether to inspire or for information?
2) Other than ordering MFW-K curriculum, what should I be buying? What are your "schoolroom" must-haves? Dry-erase board? Lots of good books?
3) How do you set up your space for school? I'm sure this will evolve over the years!
4) Any really useful websites or magazines you frequent?
5) How do you keep everything running smoothly in your house as you keep up with both housework and schooling?

Whew! Again, I'm so excited to get things rolling and start down this new and winding path that we're led on...