Saturday, July 16, 2011

Emerging out of the blue and in a new place...

Well, that was a very, very big lead-up to this post. What, it's been like 6 months since I've last wrote anything on here!? I'm not even sure if I remember how to post. I'm not even sure if any of you remember me or are still out there waiting for the monotonous cricket chirps to burst into my infamous ramblings. Either way, I've missed you all and have decided to spend a part of my Saturday and the baby's naptime catching up on here.

We live in North Carolina now. There. I said it and just got it out of the way, ha! Remember that I told you we were moving on to our new state in June for Mark's Phase II schooling? Think waaay back. Well, we moved cross-country and are here now. We like it and so far so good. There's lots of sand, lots of pine trees, and lots of lizards where we are. It's quiet and secluded, and I can walk around outside in my pajamas 'til my heart's content without anybody looking at me funny. We can hear the bugs and birds chirp and my hubby has named the tree frogs that frequent our front porch at night. The children ride their bikes and scooters up and down the looong drive that leads to our stone road that leads to the dirt road. This is so much more my style. Our style. Don't get me wrong, living in a subdivision has its good points {a pool!}, but for us, it's just not our style. Here on our chunk of land in North Carolina, the only things missing are chickens and a clothes line. {Although I'm still working on that.} Oh, and my hubby for some many extra hours of the week... It's okay, though, as he's finally doing what he's been waiting for. He's started in the OR {or "operating room" for those of us that don't live at a hospital or have a spouse that does} practicing all of his anesthesia know-how. As much as we loved Mark's time off while moving and settling in and having him home all the time, we must admit that it's always nice to get into a routine again. There's still a lot of tweaking of the schedule that needs done on my end {especially with school starting up again next month!}, but I think we'll settle in nicely for these next 18 months.

So, that's where we are now on this adventure as a military family. Now, how in the world have you all been?! Tell me what's new with you and your adventures...