Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts From This Day

I have many random bits {swirling} in my ponytailed head today. Here are just a few.

Is there anything cuter than a two-year-old running around in underpants? If it's a two-year-old in boxer briefs, you bet! :)

I almost made it through my day out with the kids without somebody telling me that I "have my hands full". {The kids were behaving beautifully at the time also...} Does having four children automatically qualify me for having full hands? I honestly feel that four {for us} is no harder than three was. Moms of "many", any thoughts?

I adore going to the library with my kiddos. There's just something about them getting so excited about finding the perfect book for the week's school lesson or read-aloud time that makes me feel so proud inside. I always think how wonderful it would be to be able to keep all the {20-30} new library books we check out each time. Just think how our at-home library would grow! I am thankful for the books we do have, though. What a blessing!

I feel so "caught-up" and accomplished at home if my laundry is {mostly} done, the kitchen is clean, and the playroom is tidy with everything in its place. If one of those three things is off, so am I.

How is it that I feel I have more patience lately? Does patience multiply {like love} with each new baby? In a way, it doesn't make sense to me. Yet in a way, it makes perfect sense.

My wonderful, cute bloggy friend Lenae is so, so close to meeting her fourth little blessing. {and first girl!} She's having an online baby shower this weekend. How wonderful the blogging community can be, huh!? For goodness sakes, you can not only have a good friend {whom I've never even met} through blogging, but a baby shower too!?

We've found out where we'll be moving to next for Mark's Phase II residency! Can you believe that we only have 4 1/2 months left in Texas!? Surreal. Any guesses as to what state will soon be our new stomping grounds? {Those that know, no cheating!}

That's it for now. Have a blessed weekend! Oh, and by the way... What's on your mind? :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sooo Big!

Griffin is growing so fast!! It's hard to believe that he'll be {four} months next week. I thought the time to gush and gush about him here was way overdue, so here's an update!

G)rowing bigger... He just hit the 13lb mark over the last few days, having doubled his birth weight now.

R)olling over... Finn loves to roll from back to tummy now as of a couple weeks ago.

I)rresistible smile... I don't think this one got a dimple (other than his chin) from Mama and Daddy, but his smile is just as drool-worthy without!

F)inally a sleeper... After 3 naughty sleepers as babies, we now have a baby that sleeps up to 12hrs straight! Thank you, God!!!

F)ound his talking voice... He's a loud one too!

I)mmersed at birth... Finn was born under water at home and still loves his baths.

N)ever in a bad mood... Seriously, Griffin's such a wonderful, happy baby. What a little {angel} to add to our brood...

I also realize that I never got around to posting about my homebirth. It was amazing in every way, and we wouldn't have changed a thing. I'm still throwing around the idea of writing it out. Anybody interested??


Monday, January 10, 2011

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days. (Yet NOT one of those days...) It wasn't a bad day by any means, and actually, it was a pretty good day overall. There wasn't too much yelling, or too much drama, or even too much stress. Instead, it was one of those days that really make you think, "Man, this parenting thing really is no joke." I mean, really... I'm tired tonight! Like I've said before, sometimes being a stay-at-home-mommy seems like it merely consists of squashing squabbles over who will win the last yogurt tube, finding that elusive sippy cup, or wiping four hineys of various sizes for the millionth-jillionth time. These are all important in our little world's existance, but not really important, you know? Today, though, we conquered truly important things. Childhood-shaping things...

Potty training began this morning for Brigham. We've been wanting to start for the last month or so, but with Christmas, visitors, and travels, it just wasn't a good month to start. I didn't want to set him up for failure before we even began. In the realm of potty training, that's never good. Today was the day, though! Brigham did a fantastic job, as I knew he would. (When a two-year-old is driven by promises of M&Ms, can there ever really be failure?) Every two minutes this morning, we were crawling to the bathroom. Oddly enough, Briggs chose to crawl to the bathroom every.single.time instead of his usual toddler-like sprints. Maybe he was trying to hold onto his babyhood, but again he just wanted those prized M&Ms. Who knows? What I do know is that I don't care if he rode a mule to the bathroom as long as things went well inside. All-in-all I'm happy with how the first day went, but those who have potty trained before know that one should almost physically train for the million back-and-forth bathroom jaunts and whooping and hollering to follow. It's physical work, People, especially now that I've turned *cough*thirty*cough*. Also, not to forget the other three children to take care of amongst the hoopla... ;)

Moving on to the homeschooling... Bella's been doing great in school, but it's to the point that I'm seriously second-guessing everything that I'm teaching her with our kindergarten curriculum. I've been worried that she's bored and that the lessons are too easy for her now that she's really taken off with reading. (For a brand-newbie of homeschooling, I'm thinking that second-guessing is normal. This just adds to the insecurities, though.) Before I ordered the materials, I considered both the kindergarten and first grade curriculums, but decided on the kindergarten. She's a late-summer birthday and had barely six months of kindergarten before moving last year. After much consideration and reading from veteran homeschoolers, though, I've now decided to speed up her lessons and do two to three lessons a day instead of one. Condensing or skipping some of the activities and speeding up the phonics beef of the lessons will allow us to move onto the first grade studies sooner. I'm excited about this, and so is she. I know it's the right thing to do now. I think. Praise the Lord that we were able to start and complete this new schedule of two lessons today when Brigham was napping. I could barely do school from the edge of the tub in the bathroom where I'd been camped-out for much of the day.

Well, another busy day in the books. Today, though, was full of victories aside from yogurt and sippy cups. I'll take it any day. I love my job...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Now Stop Your Whooping...

Well, I think it's finally happened... Now don't get too fired-up yet, though. "It" simply refers to the fact that I just may have gotten the blogging bug back. This news is probably not exciting in the least bit for most of you other than my hubby and family members, but that's okay! You see, I couldn't sleep last night and made great use of my time by catching up on some of my old favorite blogs. Surely some of you all reading now were visited! (In other words, y'all here in the south... I think that's the first time I've ever typed or written that, although I've found myself saying it some lately!) I was inspired to pick the virtual quill and ink back up. (I'm thinking I can't use a preposition to end a sentence, and those that know me well know I'm a stickler for proper English...) Anyways, I suddenly miss writing my thoughts down, even if it's nothing important or fancy or pretty or cute or profound. Come to think of it, most of my posts don't routinely fall into those categories, as I leave that all up to you more often than not. It's been way.too.long since I've regularly posted, and since I don't know what to clean in this near over-cluttered house first, I took the easy way out and sat down at the computer. That never happens to any of you, right? I didn't think so. I guess what I'm trying to very long-windedly (totally not a word) say is that you just may be seeing more of me coming up. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully.

P.S. I'm pretty sure that was my worst post ever, but nevertheless I'm hitting publish. Sorry. Furthermore, I used way too many parenthesis. Sorry again.