Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Pictures... Finally!

I've been meaning to post these pics for a couple of weeks now, and am just getting around to it! Now, I'd love to see the brilliant colors on the trees again and not just the lonely, twisted branches...

This was Brigham's first encounter with fall-time leaves. He wasn't so sure of the giant pile. Can you tell by the look on his face and his inability to let go of the fence!? :)

Not even sure of it with Daddy protecting him...

"So much for this! I'm revving up my bike to blow this joint... Eat my pink and purple dust, leaves!"

(Or as Daddy always says to us, "Let's make like a tree and leave." *chuckle, chuckle* Sorry, I just had to...)

Next on the other end of the spectrum is Bella, the tree hugger. She always appreciates the leaves, in all their crunchy, colorful glory.

Does it look like she's in heaven, or what!? That's our Bella...

Now somewhere in the middle falls Lincoln. He's our hard-core task-oriented child. While not really enjoying the leaves for their ability to provide a soft landing, he does enjoy many activities with them such as:

Mowing over them...

Burying Daddy with them...

And the classic, raking them...

Can you believe that something as simple as an afternoon of playing in the leaves can reveal so much about children's personalities? It even shows a thing or two about Mommy... That yes, I do indeed let my kids hang out in their pjs all day! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bit in the Rear, Part 2

...So fast-forward 5 1/2 hours later after feverishly cleaning like a mad-woman (and man... Thank you very much, Honey.); feeding the kids fast food for lunch; and sending Mark to Target {smooch, smooch} for paper towels, Clorox wipes, 409 spray, and fresh flowers & green apples for staging.

{And yes, dirty laundry was put into trash bags and hidden, clean laundry stuffed back into the dryer, and although not done this time, I have put dirty dishes in the warming drawer or dishwasher with clean dishes!!! So glad I'm not the only one!}

It was finally 2:30 and time to leave for the hour. (Mark had already left shortly before and was going to meet us later. So, this next part is all me and my brilliant handlings...) I threw the two big, still pajama-clad kids in their carseats and ran upstairs to grab the baby who had just woken from his afternoon nap. Poopy. No really... Poopy diaper. Ugh! I don't have time for a poopy diaper! What if they come a few minutes early and walk in to my half-naked, poop-covered son on the floor!? What if? What I'm to say next, I'm not proud of, but I'm putting it all out there. Yes, I put him in his carseat poop and all, threw in a diaper and wipes, and screeched out of the driveway with 9 minutes to spare. (There, I said it...) First stop... The park a mile down the road for a diaper change! Ahem. "No, kids, I'm sorry we can't play. You still have your pajamas on and no shoes!" Ahem. Ahem.

Then, as always, we stalk our own home for part of the hour, driving by half-a-dozen times. Did they show? What kind of car do they drive? Can you see them in the windows? Are they sitting at the kitchen table writing a big, fat check? Please tell me that we're not the only ones that do this. Please.

Driving by the 1st time at roughly 2:49... Nobody there yet.
Driving by for the 2nd time at roughly 2:59... Nobody there yet. {Oh, no I didn't...}
Driving by for the 3rd time at roughly 3:14... Nobody there yet. {Oh, yes I did...}

Did anybody catch on yet? In "Bit in the Rear, Part 1" when I received the phone call from the realtor's office, they wanted to set up the showing for 3:45-4:45. Notice the times above again. Yes-sirree. I half-killed myself to leave home a full hour early, poopy baby and all. By this time, I had stopped back home to double-check the time that I had jotted down on scrap paper that morning. 3:45. Great! At least now I can get the kids some quick hobo-looking outfits and shoes to take them to the park. Leaving a message for Mark then, I confessed that yes, he was right. He had asked me earlier in the day about nap time, since the showing was at 3:45. "Nooo, it's at 2:45. No naps!" He was right twice in one day. Twice.

After all was said and done, the party did come through the house, since we found the lights off and candles blown out when we returned. (No, we didn't drive by 9 times again to check! We were at the park with ice cream, thankyouverymuch.) We just got the feedback emailed this morning from our realtor about this showing... The buyer wasn't sure of our layout. So what if the master bedroom is the size of a "child's shoebox" with the "master bath" two floors down in the basement? {insert "Tommy Boy" air quotes...} So what? Deal with it and make an offer! It's the least they could do for what they put me through...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Finally Bit Me in the Rear...

I had just plopped down at the computer with my cup of hazelnut-flavored coffee after putting the baby down for his nap yesterday morning. The two older kids were happily watching a cartoon for a few minutes, home from school with the I-don't-know-if-it's-H1N1-or-not-sickness.


(Okay, our phone really doesn't "ring", but I don't know how to convey the spaceship-like beeping, clicking noise ours makes.)

"Hello, Kate? We have somebody who wants to see your house! Today at 3:45? Is that okay?"

"Ugh, great! Ugh, yeah, 3:45 would be fine." *click*


{Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.}
{Pray... "God, I'm really gonna need you today!!"}

I quickly ran upstairs to wake Mark. Nervously giggling, I told him about the phone conversation. You see I said "nervously giggling", because no more than 24 hours before this, Mark had told me that the house couldn't be in its current condition. What if somebody calls and wants to see the house today? Why, oh why did he have to be right!? "No. There's no way the house is going to be ready," he quips. Too late!! I reassured him that I always get it done in time. (Even if it half kills me every.single.time.)

Okay, so I'm not joking either when I say that the house was messy, really messy. Toys all over, dishes in the sink, dust, gunk, approximately 39.2 loads of laundry both clean and dirty all over the three stories of the house, a suitcase still semi-packed from a week ago, bedrooms a mess.... Yes, it's true, I sometimes slack. We had also enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather outside walking and raking leaves, so it was easy to just pretend for a few days that the inside of the house didn't need attention. No more pretending! We've always had at least a day's notice if not a few days for house showings, so I really didn't think a last-minute call could happen to us. And now I know...

To be continued...
{I'm sure I've already lost half of you by now, so here's my feeble attempt to keep the rest of you engaged...}


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Why...

So when I said that the "why" of our moving story was coming soon, I really didn't mean soon as in "two-weeks soon". Sorry. Again, the poor blog is neglected. It's still here, though, and hopefully you are too! :)

Lets' see, where do I start with this chapter of the story? I'll just start with the man behind the move, my super-cool-super-hot husband!

(Sorry that I like to embarrass you on our blog, Honey! ;)

Ahem, back to the topic at hand about the "why"... We're moving to a certain {everything's bigger in...} southern state to allow us to further both Mark's career and our family's goals and plans for the future. Mark's been accepted into anesthesia school! Yes, that's right. Within the next few years he'll be trained in the proper way to not only knock patients out for routine and advanced surgical procedures but to also bring relief from that icky minor pain associated with birthing new lives. (You can thank him later...) There's also the few trillion other technical-medical-type things he'll learn that I could never comprehend, let alone have enough brain storage left next to the files for knowing which sippy cups don't leak or how to best break up a squabble over who gets the last yogurt tube. {Like I say, though, this is super-hero-quality stuff too...} Enough about me, though!

Here's the other important piece to the puzzle... Mark didn't get into just any anesthesia school. He made his way into the ultra-elite Army's Graduate Program in Anesthesia. This means that he'll be trained as both an anesthetist and an Officer in the United States Army. Pretty cool stuff, huh!?

Of course Mark will be the one serving in the Army, but most of you know that this will quickly morph us into a military family. While there are a little bit of nervous jitters for the unknown that comes along with this, we are ultimately very excited and honored to embark on this new chapter in our lives. We pray that this door that has been opened for us by our Ultimate Commander in Chief will shower our family with countless adventures and opportunities for growth and service to our country and Him.

I guess that takes care of the "why" now, doesn't it!? Lately, it's hard living in the now waiting for our new adventure to start, but we know that it will be here before we know it. I'm sure we'll spend many cold midwest winter days day-dreaming about what the future holds for our family!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ramblings of a Temporary Insomniac

This has got to be the worst joke there is for a sleep-deprived mama... Here it is 11:28 P.M., and I'm sitting at the computer about to write a post about complete and utter nonsense. {No, really. So don't say I didn't warn you...} I was in bed tonight at 9:45 after a particularly foggy, grouchy day and yep, you guessed it, getting nowhere close to dreamland as I lay wide awake. Being downstairs at the computer for the first time of the night made my eyes tired after a half hour, but alas, not da brain.

tick, tick

{up once with Brigham}

tick, tick

{I should get up and fold laundry}

tick, tick


tick, tick

{what should I blog about next?}

tick, tick...

So once my mind wonders to thoughts of my blog in bed, I know I'm not falling asleep anytime soon. Is that true for anybody else? Yeah, thought so. Anyways, what follows is the honest-to-goodness, 100% true train of thought that I had about my blog in bed just minutes ago. I felt compelled to share. {Which is why I'm sitting in front of the computer for the second time tonight post-bedtime...}

Hmm... what should I blog about next?

I do have to get around to finishing my tantalizing story of why we're uprooting our lives.

But you know, Kate, you should really change the "Daily Rambling" again.

Rambling... Ha, that's a funny word. Never thought of that before...

Rambling, rambling, rambling, rambling rambling...

It reminds me of that word... Oh, what is it?!? ...the chunks of fried pig skin that Mark my foodie husband always drools over when watching Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain. Uhhhh! What's.that.word!?

Mark would know if I asked him.

I suppose he'd be upset if I rolled over and woke him up to ask him that now, though.

Hmm... Nope, better not.

Shoot. I'll have to go look it up on the computer now.

Wait a second! Why in the wiggity-world am I thinking of fried pig skin now!?

Oh yeah... Rambling, rambling, rambling, rambling...

So there you have it. The post full of complete and utter nonsense that floods my brain as I lie (or is it lay??) awake at night. And now, off to bed for the third time tonight. But not before I leave you with this golden nugget of information... {No pun intended...}

Cracklings! ;)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where to Start?

Things have settled a lot this week, and I feel like I am able to sit and relax at the computer for the baby's whole nap a few moments. *sigh* I feel like I can start filling in some of the blanks of why it's been even crazier than normal here lately. You know, the mentioned "big changes" we have coming our way. And coming they are. For starters, we're enjoying our last beautiful fall season here in our home. We have one of these in our front yard...

{If only ours looked this pretty...}

Surreal. After much thought, discussion, and prayer, we've taken a crazy leap of faith to take our family in a new direction. We haven't been in our home for too long {4 1/2 years}, but here's the thing... It is home. The first house we bought. So many memories made. Babies brought home that learned to walk, talk, love here. In a town we love. {Okay, enough sappy, sappy sad mellowdrama...} We know that wherever we are will be home if we're together, though. And that's why it's okay that there's an ugly sign in our yard. We actually like adventure and change and welcome it. We don't want things getting too stale... The kids are so excited too. I personally am having a harder time welcoming the constant deep cleaning and embracing the crazy-mommy-running-around getting ready for showings and open houses than moving itself. If I nevereverever have to say again, "don't touch that" or "this room's done, don't come in here" I'll be a very happy mommy. Soon it will be worth it, though, when we're to this point... {deep breaths...}

We've only had our house on the market for a couple of weeks, but the months of work leading up to it were draining. We're looking forward to when we can move on to this next, exciting chapter of our lives as a family. Right now we're stuck prisoners in a jumbled mix of emotions of not being able to move fast enough and never wanting our time in our first home and town we love to end. {At least we'll be moving during the still depths of our long winter here, when the cold seems to drag onandonandon....} And where are we moving do you ask?

Let's just say that there are plenty of {insert Dixie Chick humming...} wide open spaces for big plans and CRaZy dreams....

{the WHY coming soon...}

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hang On

It feels like I've hardly had any time to post lately... Our {big} changes are starting to roll, and it feels as though the blog has been left
There's a lot that I want to share... Big things, little things, cute pictures... I guess it will have to wait a bit, though. The good thing about blogs? It will still be here when I'm ready able to pick back up and devote some time to sharing more. Like a loyal "man's best friend", it will wait by its master's side, silently waiting for some lovin'...
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sleeping Like a Baby!?

After three of three children waking me up what seems likes a trillion times a night throughout their first year-and-a-half of life, I've decided that enough is enough! I now know that there's not going to be some magical night that the baby will reach a point and just *poof* sleep all night. Also, never really being an advocate of the "cry-it-out" method, {though it's has been tried a time or two before with no real, lasting results...} I thought that this was just another season of parenting that required me to be a sleep-deprived zombieofamommy. After all, the babies are happy... Granted, I know that having a baby will yield many sleepless nights and months of interrupted sleep, but after a year of this, it starts affecting every area of my life. For example, having started a sleep log for Brigham {almost 14 mo.} last night, it shows that we were up six times with the longest sleep stretch of 3 1/2 hours. (And I was thrilled with this! 3 1/2 hours! *squeal*)

But, before I go any further, here's another of my disclaimers... I fully know it's my fault that they are like this. What baby wouldn't want many warm snuggles & snacks with mama overnight!? They can't help it! They've been trained by me to do this! Realizing this at least keeps any resentment at bay... But come on, I'm on my third baby, shouldn't I somewhat know how to do things by now?! Guess not...

What have I decided to do about it you ask? Well, I've come across the book The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I think God must have known how much I've been struggling with the sleepless nights and being the wife and mommy that I didn't want to be. I have a lot on my heart now that I want to change. Work or not, I'm certainly game for trying whatever the book says and praying my way through the process. Please, somebody tell me, though, that this book indeed helped you! And yes, of course I'll keep you updated through this gentle multi-week process of using sleep logs and introducing a tear-free plan and sleep routine.

Also, for the record... I personally don't believe that whomever coined the phrase "sleeping like a baby" really even had any kids. That's certainly not my ideal dream sleep... Anyways, who knows. Maybe just maybe within a few weeks Brigham and I will both be sleeping like adults!


Monday, September 28, 2009

An Award!?

Oh, my... I've been "nominated" for my first blog award, a Superior Scribbler Award! I'm so honored *blush*, and having it come from sweet Lenae at Just Lenae who's an awesome mommy to three little boys and shares my love of Dr. Pepper & Chipotle is just wonderful! Thanks, my bloggy friend! :)

First, the "RULES"...

1. Each Superior Scribbler must turn and pass on this award to 5 of the most deserving blogs.
2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the blog and name the author from which he/she received the award on his/her blog.
3. Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his or her blog, and link to this post.
4. Each blogger who was awarded Superior Scribbler, must visit this post and add their name to the Mr. Linky. That way we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor.
5. Each Superior Scribbler must post the rules on their blog.

And Now, My Nominations!
{Oh, I hope that I don't get disqualified for only naming three!!}

1. Sasha at Lemonade Makin' Mama~ Sasha's blog is so refreshing, timeless, and real. (Just like a tall glass of lemonade!) I find myself looking forward to her wonderful posts about her fun crafts, beautiful home decorating, or homeschooling her two adorable kids. Another thing about Sasha that's so refreshing... Her bubbly, happy, "you go girl!" attitude splashing you in the face with every visit!

2. Love at Moments with Love~ Love is an amazing and beautiful mother, wife, and overall person, in and out! Her blog journals her life as a mother of four adorable young girls while striving to bring home two more blessings from Uganda to join their family. It's amazing when a fellow blogger inspires you to be a better person...

3. Tara at Too Many Kids in the Bathtub~ I'm a fairly new follower of Tara's blog, but feel so blessed to have found it. If ever God would place a blog into someone's life when they needed it, I believe this is that one to me! What an amazing family of seven that strives to glorify the Lord in all they do!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's in a Name?

Well, did you notice? I've changed the name of our blog to {Bliss & That} .... It's something that I've been thinking about for a while really. Yes, we do have a brood of our own, but I wanted something to better reflect our blog and daily life. It's always a little of this and a little of that around here with a healthy dose of bliss mixed in! (It didn't hurt that one of my all-time favorite words in the English language is "Bliss" too!) So, there you have it, the birth of a new name! What do you think?

{Oh, and don't forget to change our name on your site if I'm so blessed to be mentioned on it!}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{Somewhat} Wordless Wednesday

Lazy {warm} afternoons won't last long anymore...

Bella's pictures of Mama...

Babies in just diapers...

Plants that are still alive ...

Bright sunshine...

Babies in just diapers... :)

An outdoor game of tag...

{Going, Going ....}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Go...

Sometimes it's just better to let go for a moment...

Realizing that giving the kids doughnuts for breakfast once a year isn't really going to hurt them...

That it's okay to feed them on the family room floor on paper plates, scattering crumbs all about...

...while watching cartoons for half the morning...

So sometimes it's okay to let go...

...because the smiles and hugs and "I just wanted to say thank yous" from your daughter and sons are much more worth it...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flowers for Me!?

{As if I could love my husband any more...}

We've been having to make some big decisions lately and have big changes heading our way. This is Mark's sweet way of encouraging, thanking, and reminding me that "It's an adventure and it will all work out." I know, Honey. With you by my side, oh how I know...
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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Trip to the E-Argh

"Mommeeeee! Come out here now," yells Bella from the other room.

*sigh* What now?

"Lincoln is behind the couch."

"Lincoln, why are you back there?"

"My in the E-Argh. My tummy is broke."{As he's on the floor wedged between the couch and the wall in only his Bob the Builder underpants...}

{chuckle} "Okay..."

"My can't eat food or it will FALL OUT!"

"Of your tummy?"

"Yeah, it broke."

{Bella... "He has to stay in here for, um... 60 days!" She's his nurse...}

"Okay, sounds good..."

Now I'm back in the other room and hear...

"Nurse! Nurse! Nurse Brigham!" {chuckle} Now that's scary!

They've been playing nurse/patient for quite a while now. Isabella is taking such good care of the broken-tummy boy, singing to him, reading him books, and feeding him apple slices. Daddy would be so proud!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diving Into Preschool

Ah, now it's time for Lincoln's school post... Of course I was sad to let my Little Man go to preschool, but it was easier than I thought. Is it always going to be easier with the second and third child? Will I even shed a tear when it's Brigham's turn? Like I said, yes I was sad and yes I cried some, but it was different. I feel very guilty. Like a worse Mommy to him than to Bella, since it was so hard with her this year. Granted, he is attending school where Bella did with the same teachers, and I got to go with him for the first day. We are so comfortable there. It's small, close to home, at our church, and we know all of the teachers and staff. They've earned our trust with our children. That being said, that makes the school part easy. Now if something could just make the growing-up part easy!

Here he is in front of the school tree with his fish name tag on! The theme this year was "Diving into Preschool". It was raining, but we still had to get all of the pictures!

Looks like this one adores Daddy too! I must be too mean. Just check out the look that I get in my picture...

Brigham made it in for this one! He wonders what all of the hoopla is about, I'm sure. (And no, I didn't even put on my waterproof mascara! See, I knew I wouldn't be as sad...)

Singing the "Jesus Loves Lincoln" song while looking in the mirror. Does this child have an infectious smile or what!? (Like the picture with Daddy...) It melts my heart every. time.

Snack time! Whale cheese crackers. So cute!

We needed to take more pictures on the second day, since he was being dropped off for the first time to stay alone.

Lincoln was so excited to wait in the front seat after being unbuckled. I think he was more excited about that than school... Just look at his face in the mirror!

Our heartbreaker handsome boy all set to go, and he's loving it!