Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Pictures...

Sleeping Angel...

Brigham has such blond eyebrows and eyelashes, we're pretty sure that he'll be just as blond as Big Brother!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Isabella took time out from preparing supper with Mommy (hence her outfit...) to pose with Brigham!

Kisses from Lincoln...

He's Here! Introducing Brigham Isaac!

Before I had time to update the last post, our Little Peanut decided to make his way into the world! Brigham Isaac was born Friday morning, August 15th, at 12:55 A.M. He's perfect and healthy, and everything went fairly well with the labor. I myself couldn't feel better and sometimes need to be reminded to slow down. After all, I DID just have a baby four days ago! :) Brigham has been a little angel, and is very laid-back so far. (He doesn't even seem to notice the background "hum" of his sister and brother!) He's nursing wonderfully and sleeping well. We're all completely smitten with him, and Bella and Lincoln love him to pieces! We're really enjoying these first days as a family of five, and things couldn't be better! We're so blessed! :)

7 lbs. 5 oz. & 20 in. long

Meeting Big Brother & Sissy for the first time!

Daddy admires his son and snuggles his princess...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still No Baby...

As you all know, Baby is quite comfortable inside Mommy right now. This Little Stinker that gave us the biggest "scare" of being early is hanging on for the longest by far! Having never had to wait before, I'm (well, WE'RE) finding it hard to be patient! :) I have another appointment this morning, and I hope to update you all this afternoon. Maybe I'll even throw in a picture or two!

Funny Girl...

Here's just a funny picture of Bella modeling her new sunglasses. She's very into making funny faces for the camera lately!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Claire and Ella came to visit last week for a day! The kids had a lot of fun playing inside and out. They tried out a new sprinkler attachment for the hose, and Isabella was also introduced to "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time! It's always so rewarding to see the kids able to play with any of their cousins! They love you all so much! :)

Drying off after some sprinkler fun!

Pizza party!