Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes...

Sitting on Mark's lap in church on Sunday was chatty little Lincoln... He was giving us sugar, since he's such a little lover lately always telling us that "Me love you in the whole wide world" while kissing and hugging away. He then asked us, "Why did you make me?" In reply we gave the first answer that came to mind about wanting a special little boy to love. He asked a couple more times and after another couple of the same answers, he was finally happy. This again, mind you was all being "whispered" through church as quietly as a just-newly-three-year-old can do. Hugging and kissing continues for a few minutes.

"Where did you make me?"

Huh!? Did he just say what I think he did in church? Ohyeshedid.

"Where did you make me? Where did you make me?!"

Mark and I were shaking the whole pew from laughing so hard. Thankfully we were in our usual last pew location, as it's just a given that all families with small children sit in the back trying to contain the dull roar of the many small children. (Other than the one family that sits half way up that we think drugs their children to sit completely still in their parents' laps with their hands folded, but that's neither here nor there now...) But since the sanctuary is so small, we wonder who else, if anyone heard it. If so, they got a chuckle just like we did! :)

Fast forward to today. Bella this morning had her own notable quote to file to memory. While cleaning the kitchen, I had Mark scraping the top of the glass cook top trying to loosen the many petrified, blackened overflows from the day before.

"Who's coming to our house?" Bella said as she walked into the kitchen.


Mark burst out laughing, as he knows one of the things that pushes my buttons is acusing me of cleaning only when company is coming. (Which is so. not. true. by they way...) I kept scrubbing the pans at the sink, pretending not to hear her.

"Did you hear her?!" Mark roared.

"Yes, Mark." Whatever.

I love the things our kids say that are so funny, innocent, and classic. Even if it's a bit too forward or truthful sometimes... ;)



Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

Oh, that question in church made me laugh out loud. Kids do say the darndest things. Thanks for your book recommendation the other day!

This Heavenly Life said...

Those are so funny! Oh, kiddoes. When they're babies, we wonder what their first words will be, and when they get older we wonder what their most *embarrassing* words will be :)