Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought it would be fun to do something different and show you some of my {favorite} things that I can' This is quite a wide variety, but what I could come up with today! {And truly my favorites}

1) Dr. Pepper

Oh, how I love Dr. Pepper! Any of you that really know me know that I don't "drink", but would just always rather have a soda. It's my sweet potion to relaxation... My "Calgon, take me away"...

2) Target

What would I do without Target!? Well, for starters I or our children would never be wearing any cute yet cheap shoes, clothes, or have good quality generic toilet paper! {Or as Mark would say, "spend way less money..." No, not on toilet paper, the other fun stuff I get there, Silly!} I have to go at least once or twice a week or I don't feel right. I always "joke" that wherever we move, there has to be a Target nearby. Notice I put "joke" in quotes. I'm being serious. Dead.Serious.

3) Burt's Bees "Baby Bees" Products

I'm in love with the scent of these products. I'm fully convinced that this is what God intended babies to smell like. The groovy people at Burt's Bees are onto something I tell you. I can't take my nose off of my children's hair after bathtime. {Heaven} And it's natural too. Perfection.

4) Chipotle Restaurant

Again, Mark can verify this. I'm addicted to Chipotle. Really their chips, but the other food is smokin' good too. But back to the chips... Crispy perfection with real lime juice and large-flaked salt. Oh mama! I need two bags. One for dinner and the other to snack on for breakfast the next morning. Again, no joke. And I've got the kids hooked too. {Bad mommy!} I've never been happier then when Chipotle came to town last spring. {Okay, just maybe when Target opened 5 minutes from my house... But it's a tie!}

5) Clorox Wipes

I know, I know... This isn't the most "green" of my choices. I'm not proud of it, but these things are seriously convenient. I always have a few tubs. They're the perfect counter-wiping, toilet-wiping, mess-wiping wipe. I use them {Unless I'm rebelling against cleaning for a bit, but they're always on stand-by...}

So, there you have it. My first "Favorite Things" list! I'd love to hear who else loves these things with me. And of course, I want to know your favs too! :)



Kristin K. said...

I agree with most of your favorites. I would have to pick Dr. Pepper and Target as my faves on your list. Of course, we all know I do NOT have a nearby Target (I KNEW there was an underlying reason I've always had an inkling to move from Defiance). I love the Clorox Wipes as well, but you must clean way more than me because I do NOT use every day. Of course, I don't have little boys tinkling on the potty seat...

Lenae said...

Kate, I think we're soulmates because my heart buzzes at most of your list too! ;) A good friend of mine and I love Dr. Pepper so much that we call it happiness in a can/bottle :D

Dandy said...

I keep hearing about Chipotle and yet I've never been... how can that be?!

This Heavenly Life said...

OOOOH I love clorox wipes too. So handy. And Burts Bees baby shampoo DOES smell delicious. My girls have been using Aveeno since birth, though and I haven't been able to change it - though we've tried many times. I'm just too attached to that smell :) Maybe with the next baby, we'll start out with Burt's Bees in the first place!