Monday, September 28, 2009

An Award!?

Oh, my... I've been "nominated" for my first blog award, a Superior Scribbler Award! I'm so honored *blush*, and having it come from sweet Lenae at Just Lenae who's an awesome mommy to three little boys and shares my love of Dr. Pepper & Chipotle is just wonderful! Thanks, my bloggy friend! :)

First, the "RULES"...

1. Each Superior Scribbler must turn and pass on this award to 5 of the most deserving blogs.
2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the blog and name the author from which he/she received the award on his/her blog.
3. Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his or her blog, and link to this post.
4. Each blogger who was awarded Superior Scribbler, must visit this post and add their name to the Mr. Linky. That way we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor.
5. Each Superior Scribbler must post the rules on their blog.

And Now, My Nominations!
{Oh, I hope that I don't get disqualified for only naming three!!}

1. Sasha at Lemonade Makin' Mama~ Sasha's blog is so refreshing, timeless, and real. (Just like a tall glass of lemonade!) I find myself looking forward to her wonderful posts about her fun crafts, beautiful home decorating, or homeschooling her two adorable kids. Another thing about Sasha that's so refreshing... Her bubbly, happy, "you go girl!" attitude splashing you in the face with every visit!

2. Love at Moments with Love~ Love is an amazing and beautiful mother, wife, and overall person, in and out! Her blog journals her life as a mother of four adorable young girls while striving to bring home two more blessings from Uganda to join their family. It's amazing when a fellow blogger inspires you to be a better person...

3. Tara at Too Many Kids in the Bathtub~ I'm a fairly new follower of Tara's blog, but feel so blessed to have found it. If ever God would place a blog into someone's life when they needed it, I believe this is that one to me! What an amazing family of seven that strives to glorify the Lord in all they do!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh gosh... NO I LOVE Awards!!! I love them, I really do... I'm just bad at following the directions and passing them forward! (then I feel guilt..) But I really love them, and I feel so blessed to ever be given them!! So thank you sweet girl!

Lenae said...

I just popped over to Moments With Love, and you're right- I am totally inspired. What an awesome lady! I'm excited to check out your other nominees :D

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

oh, thank you so much!

Cheryl said...

Hi Kate,

In regards to Too Many Kids in the Bathtub, I had the same response when I found Tara's blog. = ) It's on my shortcuts...but I have so enjoyed YOUR blog too!

~love said...

hi kate! thanks so much for this. i'm thankful for you. for your support and love....and just for being you. so glad our "paths" have crossed. =)