Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diving Into Preschool

Ah, now it's time for Lincoln's school post... Of course I was sad to let my Little Man go to preschool, but it was easier than I thought. Is it always going to be easier with the second and third child? Will I even shed a tear when it's Brigham's turn? Like I said, yes I was sad and yes I cried some, but it was different. I feel very guilty. Like a worse Mommy to him than to Bella, since it was so hard with her this year. Granted, he is attending school where Bella did with the same teachers, and I got to go with him for the first day. We are so comfortable there. It's small, close to home, at our church, and we know all of the teachers and staff. They've earned our trust with our children. That being said, that makes the school part easy. Now if something could just make the growing-up part easy!

Here he is in front of the school tree with his fish name tag on! The theme this year was "Diving into Preschool". It was raining, but we still had to get all of the pictures!

Looks like this one adores Daddy too! I must be too mean. Just check out the look that I get in my picture...

Brigham made it in for this one! He wonders what all of the hoopla is about, I'm sure. (And no, I didn't even put on my waterproof mascara! See, I knew I wouldn't be as sad...)

Singing the "Jesus Loves Lincoln" song while looking in the mirror. Does this child have an infectious smile or what!? (Like the picture with Daddy...) It melts my heart every. time.

Snack time! Whale cheese crackers. So cute!

We needed to take more pictures on the second day, since he was being dropped off for the first time to stay alone.

Lincoln was so excited to wait in the front seat after being unbuckled. I think he was more excited about that than school... Just look at his face in the mirror!

Our heartbreaker handsome boy all set to go, and he's loving it!


SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Heart-warming pics... I am following you! LOL

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh how sweet... I remember that first day too! I was a nervous wreck.

Thanks for the sweet comment(s) and I'm following you too girl!!

Blessings, and have a lovely day,

Lenae said...

Your kids are just too cute!

Kristin said...

He looks so handsome and charming! My nephew is growing into quite the little man. Thanks for sharing, Kate! I knew he'd do great at school!