Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mother of All Forts

The kids wanted me to build a house {Fort} this morning. Yippe! It's been a while since I've built one, as I think they've forgotten just how good mommy is at building them. ;) (I'll have to remember to add "master fort builder" to my mommy resume...)

{Insert chest puffing}

Bella had the request for me to build not only a house, but a school too. I sent the little rascals outside to play so I could surprise them when I was done. "It's huge!", Bella squealed with delight. Yes, yes it is.

{Insert proud head nodding}

Mark and I also have a friendly little competition going on when it comes to constructing forts. He dares to think that he can even keep up with me. Silly. I have just one question... So, Honey, how do you like me now?!

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TJ said...

This is my first time running into your blog.(no it didn't hurt :) You are a precious mom savoring every minute and experience with your kiddos. My children are grown and it truly goes fast. But I soaked in every moment as they were growing up. I still soak in their presence and activities when I am around them. Nothing like the joy and sometimes heartache of being a mom.

Pink & Green Mama said...

Such a loving and wonderful mama you are, I'm a first time visitor as well. There's nothing like a great fort to pass the afternoon indoors : )
We like to make them outside with umbrellas, towels, and sheets too!!
MaryLea (aka Pink and green mama)