Thursday, August 20, 2009


If anybody doesn't believe that Brigham's really one (it's still hard for me!), just check out this picture. Proof enough, huh!? He hangs around the fireplace approximately half the day. I have to pluck him down from standing on it approximately 400 times a day. I believe that this is classic one-year-old behavior at its best.  Maybe it's the genes, or maybe I just have to stop putting that crazy "little monster" pj shirt on him. I think the idea is starting to seep into his brain, and we all know that he's nowhere near a little monster. Quite the opposite really. So, there you have it... Proof. Now please excuse my while I go do some monster plucking off my hearth. No joke.

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Lenae said...

We've got a year-old daredevil under our roof too. The kid makes my blood pressure skyrocket! He's even worse than his older brother was. And if I'm lucky, the 3rd will be just as inspired by his predecessors' antics ;)

Michelle said...

We too are constantly plucking our 1 year old off the fireplace too. Off the kitchen table, off the kitchen chairs, basically off of everything in our house! Yesterday he managed to climb up his high chair and actually stand on the tray....WHAT??!!

~love said...

i hear ya on the 400 times a day....expect it is me removing ellie from the pantry or sink!! i promise i feed her and i let her "wash" dishes regularly, but that doesn't quench her love of those 2 areas.


Such The Spot said...

If only they'd start making toys that safely replicate that which little ones shouldn't have/do/touch/play with. That's where the fortune is!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh those are busy days. Have to admit I'm glad mine are older now:)

Thanks for the comments earlier. So glad the scripture ministered to you. Of course you can use it. I don't have ownership of the Bible;) HA!

Hope you come back for another visit sometime. Have a great day.