Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roaming the River Walk

I'm finally getting around to getting a few San Antonio pictures up! It's been a month since we've been there, so I guess it's probably time to let up on the suspense a bit. :) Here are some of the River Walk. We were able to go on two separate days and loved the beauty and vibe of it. It's so peaceful, yet buzzing with activity thanks to the restaurants and shops. Letting the kids walk so closely to the water scared the snot out of me, but luckily Daddy and I were able to corral them well enough that I only had a few "freak out" moments!

We did get to take a cruise on one of the many tour boats.

Bella means beautiful!

I love this picture!

People were very friendly, asking if we would like a family picture taken as they passed by. We got a few taken... Yeah!

Hold on tight, Daddy!

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