Friday, May 15, 2009

Lincoln is THREE!

Lincoln turned 3 on May 9th, and I just can't believe it! (Does it not seem like I was just posting about his Bob the Builder 2nd birthday party!?) Out of all three of the kids, he's the one that seems should still be my "baby". Maybe it's part of the whole "middle-child" curse, and I'm missing half of his life or something... Well, anyways, his birthday fell while we were in San Antonio so we actually got to have a bit of a special day for him. We headed downtown to the Riverwalk in the morning for some exploring and then lunch at Rainforest Cafe. The atmosphere there is so fun for little ones and actually quite enjoyable for adults too. (Not sure I can say the same for Chuck E. Cheese for Bella's last birthday... *wink*) We sat in a huge booth where the kids happily bounced around while drinking their special smoothies and munching on dino-shaped chicken nuggets. After eating Lincoln was quite embarrassed as the staff made a singing-clapping-whooping big deal, but didn't seem to mind when they sat the sundae in front of him! In the evening we grilled hot dogs and had a picnic at the resort at one of their picnic areas. The day was wrapped up with an Oreo cake presented with an unlit "3" candle. (Seems that we didn't think of not having a lighter or matches when the candle was bought. Mark, being the resourceful guy that he is -keyword guy- tried lighting it from the stove with an ashen paper towel. This was unsuccessful, but thankfully Lincoln didn't mind...) In the end, I think our birthday boy had a great day! :)

Waiting for Rainforst Cafe to open

Enjoying his birthday sundae!

Our evening picnic

Yummy Oreo cake with a "special" birthday candle ;)

Happy *3rd* Birthday, Lincoln Noah!!

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Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

Sorry I am late commenting, but happy birthday to Noah!