Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are Cavities?

Today at preschool a hygienist came to teach the kids about oral health. Tonight in the bath, Bella was quite engrossed in talking to me and Lincoln about cavities. After being asked what a cavity was and being in the midst of giving my best in-depth yet tailored to a four-year-old answer, this is what Bella interrupted me with...

"No, Mommy! A cavity is when the dentist looks in your mouth and says, OH MY GOSH! YOU HAVE A CAVITY AND NEED TO BRUSH MORE EVERY DAY!"

Okay... Easy enough explanation. She then followed by telling Lincoln...

"After you eat 100 candies, you need to brush your teeth so you don't get a cavity."

I then told her that that is the exact reason that I don't allow her to eat 100 candies. It's just not good for her teeth! :)

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