Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Seventh Day

Tonight while putting Bella to bed, we were talking about the story of creation. (She's been wanting to hear almost every night the Bible story of how God created everything in seven days...) She had asked me to tell her again, and at the end we always say, "and He saw what He had made, and it was very good". Tonight I remembered to tell her too, though, that God had rested on the seventh day since He worked so hard the first six days.

"Did He sleep that day?"

"I don't know. Maybe..."

"Well, maybe He watched TV and just relaxed!"

How cute is that!? I love the innocence, wonder, and matter-of-factness in Isabella when we talk about God and Jesus. This was right after she prayed in her nightly prayer that He would help Daddy feel better from his cold and for her cough to go away. She said that, "I think Jesus will make a miracle! Mommy, what's a miracle?" :)

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