Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stress-Inducing Exercise

So I could fit some Pilates exercise in today, I thought I'd be able to do it while the older two kids were awake. I've done it with Isabella before, but never Bella and Lincoln both. Usually exercise calms one, as does my 25-minute Pilates DVD does for me. Not today, though. I've never had such a negative effect from doing exercise as I did today! This is how it went...

"Breath in through the nose, and out through the nose."
(Insert Bella & Lincoln chasing each other around the couch and jumping over me each lap like they were in a steeplechase race.)

"Stretch one, stretch two, stretch three."
(Insert Lincoln sitting on my stomach with a naked bottom while flat on my back.)

"Cross down and up."
(Insert Bella and Lincoln yelling at each other over the calming voice of the instructor. Okay, well this was the whole time actually...)

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten."
(Insert Bella kicking me each of the ten counts while doing giant scissor kicks next to me on the floor. She thinks this one is fun, so joined in.)

Ahhh... Never again. I will exercise alone from now on. Oh, and two more things that were revealed to me while exercising on the floor today. I really need to vacuum, and the mysterious missing sippy cups all rolled under the couch to live. All FIVE of them!

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious – I love it!!! What were you thinking...ha! Kel