Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Before the weather got too cold (it was still hovering around 20 degrees, though...), we were all able to get outside for a good bit to play in the massive snow piles. Daddy started things out and played for a while before he got snow in the ankles of his steel-toed work boots. :) (I told him that I would be stopping by Target's snow boot clearance isle soon...) I wanted to play too, so snapped some quick pictures and then made snow castles with the sand toys, snow angels, and snow recliners with the kids. It was fun, but the hot cocoa with marshmallows was yummy and so nice to sip on when the sun finally started to get low in the sky and the cold started setting in!

Mark had to shovel the deck stairs to get down to the yard.

Bella fell face first!

Bella's attempt to pull Lincoln in the knee-deep snow. She was just "spinning her tires"!

Snow princess...

I always love to see how high the snow piles up on the objects outside!

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