Friday, January 2, 2009

A Four-Year-Old's Lesson on Gender Stereotyping

This morning my trance-like state from peacefully and quietly doing dishes in the kitchen was shattered by Isabella's shrieking voice yelling at Lincoln from the other room. Upon inspection of the incident, I found Lincoln trying to penetrate the blanketed walls of her "club". It wasn't just any club, though. It was a "girls only" club. Isabella, anticipating that Lincoln would want to be a part of the club too, had already planned ahead and created a boys' club just for Lincoln with the pop-up tent. She yelled that her club was only for girls, and that he needed to go to the boys' club. She had also carefully filled each club with the "appropriate" toys for each gender. This is what I found inside of each club created by Bella...

Girls' Club
~ Pink/Purple Leapster that she was playing
~ Barbie Doodle-Pro
~ Princess Barbies & princess horse
~ Pink race car
~ Pink headband
~ Sleeping Beauty princess throne

Boys' Club
~ Tonka dump tuck
~ Incredible Hulk punching hands
~ 2 dinosaurs
~ Jack hammer
~ Saw

Now remember, I had no part of creating these clubs... Isabella can take full credit. It's amazing to me that a 4-year-old can already gender stereotype so "correctly"!

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