Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lincoln is TWO!!

* Happy 2nd Birthday, Lincoln! *

Well, (sniff, sniff) it seems like just yesterday that Lincoln was tiny and unable to get into trouble! (bigger sniff, sniff) Now, suddenly he's two and learning new words and phrases, new ways to play, and more ways to test me and push my buttons everyday. (I've definitely come to believe that boys truly are much different than girls...) Lincoln obviously keeps us on our toes, but like I said before, his love and cuddles far outweigh his naughty side. Just when I think I can't love him anymore, though, he gives me one of his giant neck-squeezing hugs or carries his "Doggy" into our room in the morning to crawl into bed with me and snuggle. Then, even if bittersweet, I'm truly glad that my "Little Man" is grown enough to show his Mommy so much love! :)
Anyways... Here are some pictures from his party last Saturday! He didn't really have a proper first birthday last year, so we wanted it to be special for him this year. Lincoln decided that he wanted a "Bob the Builder" (Baahbduhbilder) theme over Curious George months ago. (Which we now know was the right decision. While he likes George, he LOVES Bob!) It turned out to be a gorgeous day sandwiched by rainy days, so we are still so thankful for that! The kids had a great time playing outside, and everybody in general was able to enjoy the weather and hang out on the deck. We had a great day! :)

Birthday Boy digging in the stones!

Isabella & Ella strike a pose while taking a quick play break.

Trying out his new Buckeye chair!

Lincoln got a Bob the Builder potty seat and underpants too.
(He used the seat to wee-wee on the potty for the first time the next day!)

Ready for dessert!

Lincoln loved when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

Yay!! He did GREAT blowing out the candles!

Miss Abigail...
Mmmm... Lincoln digging into his cake and "dump truck dirt" on the new picnic table!

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