Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few recent pictures of Lincoln...

Lincoln is Daddy's little mower buddy! He is still fanatic about the mower this year. And, yes... Mark's just as excited as the kids about spring! :)

This is yesterday after a rainstorm. I let the kids go out and play and splash in the puddles in the mulch and sandbox. Lincoln had great fun for a while, but then was quite distraught over how dirty he was. (It really bothers him to get his hands muddy or messy sometimes.)

You can't tell too well from the picture, but he was covered in wet sand! We went right down for an early bath before dinner!

And here is our little climber... I was working in the front den a couple of weeks ago and heard some suspicious Lincoln noises. This is what I found when I came into the kitchen! Naughty pants!

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