Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Update

After my post last week, I had fully intended to update with some pictures and brief ramblings on what's been going on with us over the past many months that I've neglected to do so on here. Then we got a worm. A computer worm. Ick. {I thought only computers in movies got those... Thank you Pinterest.} Thankfully, though, it wasn't a huge deal other than shelling out some cash to have it fixed by the company that was already protecting our computer when we got the worm. Yep, doesn't seem right does it? In return for our cash, we now have 365 days of full computer, printer, smart phone, and all things techy support. We've vowed to call at least 365 times and get the most for our money. Anyways, our computer is all better and now I can update on things other than our computer's love of worms. I'll break my update into two parts, so here's the fall and winter up to Christmas...  

First, I'll introduce you to the newest members of our family. Like my sidebar says, yes, we have gone completely mad and got not one, but two Boxer puppies in the fall.

We didn't set out to get two, but Mark and I were split on which we wanted and the breeder gave us a two-for-one type deal. Also, we figured that we'd just get through the puppy stage right away, instead of waiting a few years and adding another puppy as a second dog like we were hoping. Yes, they are cute. {These pictures were within a few weeks of getting them, taken in October.} No, it wasn't {isn't} easy having two puppies. At all. *thud* The last time we had a puppy was when we had no children. Now with four little ones, my time is directed towards them, not a fur-baby. But, I think we are finally through the worst. They are good girls, really, and we look so forward to having them be a part of our family, especially in a year or two... ;)  

We had a nice fall and just focused on settling down a bit more in our new home. Mark planted a few things in the garden {there's already a huge plot here!} for some cool-weather crops, and we enjoyed campfires and camping in the pines next to our house a couple of times. Our baby boy turned one in September and tore into his cake and devoured it like nothing we've ever seen before. I think he finished it in a minute flat!

It was so great to have fall-changing leaves again after missing them so much in south Texas last year. Oh, how I had missed the reds, golds, and oranges! Down here in the south, though, we had to wait a lot longer into the fall for them to make a showing...

We sold our SUV and purchased a much bigger, much older SUV that will hopefully be with us for a long time. It's big, y'all, but I adore my big truck, Tanker. {And it actually has room for both a stroller and groceries. Score!}

Finally, for the fall and winter, we had decided to head back to our hometown in Ohio to celebrate Christmas with our families. We hadn't been able to go the year before with being in Texas, and we already know that we'll be moving over the holidays this coming year. {I know... Right?} So, we made good use of our new monster truck, loaded it up, and headed north in search of snow and family. The snow skipped out this year, but we had a great time spending time with our families. We even got to spend some time in our beloved town {and stop by our old house!} that was home for five years before heading south as an Army family.

The four siblings all went together and got my parents family pictures this year... My cousin's wife, Brittany, took them at my Mom & Dad's around the farm and did an amazing job. So fun! :) 

For my fellow OSU fans :)

See you in another few days {pending no more worms} for the rest of my update.



Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh my...sweet pups. Thanks for the update;)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Love all those pictures!! And wondering where in Ohio, cause that is where we are as well :).

Those puppies are too cute, but a lot of work I'm sure!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I know what kind of SUV that is, we had one a couple years back and I miss it so much...it was huge, but wonderful :). I think we are on our way to a full size van, that should be interesting!

Glad you're doing well!

Lenae said...

Love the update, Kate! The puppies are adorable, and I can't believe how much your kiddos have all grown!

Fantastic family photos!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the puppies, I grew up with a Boxer, and we had one for 9 yrs before moving down here. ...my kids are counting the days til we move and can get another.

LOVE, LOVE the family pics (you look gorgeous!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the OSU tribute! O-H!!!

PS I went private, email me your addy so I can "invite" you.
PPS Where are you PCSing to? (we're hoping for orders in June)

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

wow! you guys are gorgeous. lovely pictures.
worms, uggh. my virus protection has went nuts via pinterest a couple of times. thankfully no worms so far.

Valentina said...
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Leisa said...

Purchasing a bigger SUV for your big family was indeed a wise decision! It definitely made your trip a lot comfortable, since you’ll have bigger space to accommodate all you things. I hope you will have more adventure getaways to come. Enjoy!

-Leisa Dreps